Flexible Allocation of Production Capacities

Shortening delivery time is the most important service concept of FSP GROUP and it helps FSP receive its good reputation. Due to customer support and increasing demands, FSP GROUP has been actively expanding plants to satisfy customer needs. With the dramatically increasing annual production capacities, FSP GROUP has become one of the leading global power supply manufacturers.

Global Operating Management Concept

FSP’s headquarter in Taiwan is in charge of business orders, product R&D, material procurement, and financial management. It also set up the manufacturing base in China.

Accumulation of Years of Professional Power Supply Manufacturing Strength

With flexible and mechanical integrated manufacturing process and comprehensive production equipment, FSP offers customers sufficient capacities and exceptional products that reach 99% and up yield rate to satisfy customers and develop competitive strength of the company.

Resource Management

With the promotion of harmonized industrial relationship; provision of fair and friendly work conditions and workplace; guarantee of work safety; and compliance to ISO 14001 required environmental management system, FSP has continuously made improvement, reduced waste and pollution, conserves water and saved electricity in order to effectively manage resources.

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