• Developed high safety specification 65W/80W Adapter for medical use.
  • Entered renewable energy market to develop new power products.
  • Launched new generation battery product of FSP BPS/DP1715ADF and FSP BSS/CB1266F with convenient and portable features of patented linear technology that outperformed competitors’ products.
  • Researched and developed Bluetooth and infrared sensing power innovation technology to apply to LED Lighting Power products, a big breakthrough of SSL products.
  • With 2012 Taiwan Excellence Awards winning products - AURUM CM Series, AURUM Xilenser Series, NB Q90 PLUS, FSP became the biggest winner among power supply makers in Taiwan.
  • Launched 80PLUS Silver medal certified and single channel RADIER product that immediately won six recommendation awards by the world’s leading media.
  • Developed 180W/200W Adapter for AIO.
  • Began R&D in 3”*5” thin Open Frame for the industrial applications of Disc Array and IPC.
  • Launched the market’s highest power POE Adapter: 85W POE Adapter.
  • Developed 80PLUS Platinum (92+) certified 450W/550W/650W PC Power.
  • Developed 1U IPC Power products certified with 80PLUS Gold medal specification including 250W-500W (300W, 350W, 400W, 460W) products.
  • Launched 80PLUS Gold AURUM series product with our own IC “MIA IC” TM recognized by 23 global prominent media and launched 80PLUS Platinum product again.
  • With cutting-edge technology, launched LCD TV 8mm Open Frame Power that was much lower than the 30mm or 13.5mm general market specification.
  • Launched 250W 80PLUS Gold medal Power with our own IC “MIA IC” TM.
  • Completed IPC Power 250W~700W and 601U~901U products.
  • Certified as the highest grade of 80PLUS Multi-output Platinum certification, the world’s first certified power supply product receiving the premium honor.
  • Applied LLC full- bridge technology to research and develop 80PLUS Gold certified 1200W PC Power.
  • R&D shifted from small watt LIPS to Super LIPS.
  • Received LED Lighting Power/Drive orders from Japan, the quantity of the delivery thus increased.
  • Led the market by introducing USB Power Bank PB4 and P89 with solar power charging function.
  • Launched the first 220W Gaming Adapter in the market.
  • Certified as UL and TUV60601 equivalent lab, the first one in the power plants that has the accredited lab for medical power supply products.
  • With LLC half bridge technology, researched and developed 80PLUS Gold certified 1000W PC Power.
  • Cooperated with system suppliers to develop battery products for the use of IPC/Medical series of military computers.
  • Successfully launched two types of MIA ICTM chips: IC called “MIA IC” TM, the types including: (1)6600: PWM+PFC and IC(2)6601: secondary  side synchronous rectification IC.
  • Began large system power R&D of Redundant Power, Workshop/Server/Telecom/Storage.
  • FSP ZEN400 fanless power supply received 80PLUS Copper certification.
  • RDTA launched portable power supply product combining green energy; the developing technology of Power Bank was 2 years ahead of the industry..
  • Developed GUV 4cm fan series PC Power for PC/IPC/AIO for industrial control application.
  • Renamed as “FSP Technology Inc.” to reflect intergral business and brand image of “SPI Electronic Co., Ltd” and “FSP”.
  • Merged Protek to integrate and improve the R&D technology of medical and industrial control power supply products.
  • Developed LED Light Power/Driver and HID Power.
  • Certified as VDE 60695-1 information equivalent lab.
  • Completed automatic test engineering design for A-TEST, communication, and burn-in room.
  • Launched the first model of general ITX fanless power supply to respond to the emergence of embedded equipment market.
  • Began R&D of LED TV Power and Open Frame.
  • Certified as CSA, TUV, TMP, TDAP equivalent lab.
  • Accredited as UL600656, TUV/Nemko 60065, TMP equivalent lab.
  • Developed Micro ATX GLS 300/350W PC Power.
  • Successfully entered China’s LCD TV power market.
  • Designed IC chip for Active Clamp topology.
  • Improved industrial power R&D technology to officially enter high-end power supply market between 500W and 3,200W; invested in 3Y Power Technology, Co., Ltd at NT$ 270,469, 000 holding 70% ownership and at the same time, reinvested in the US 3Y POWER TECHNOLOGY,INC. at US$ 7,350,000 holding 100% ownership.
  • Completed Active PFC structure and became the OEM of global Retail brands.
  • Adapted LLC half-bridge topology to develop 400W Fanless PC Power.
  • Developed 18W Adapter for THOMSON’s Set-Top Box product.
  • Began mass production of 120W Adapter, the beginning of FSP’s high watt Adapter product; additionally, the Power Saving that was lower than 0.3 and 0.15W outperformed the market standard of 1W or 0.5W.
  • Installed automatic safety specification testing system and developed product testing system individually.
  • Certified with UL CTDT, UL 60950-1, TUV Nemko 60950-1 lab eligibilities.
  • Began mass production of 65W/90W/120W Adapter and developed the first generation Retail Adapter.
  • Launched ZEN 300W/400W serial products and received Taiwan Excellence Awards.
  • Led in the industry by applying LLC topology in PC Power supply design.
  • Created Amacrox Brand to provide mobile power solution.
  • The first power supply company which entered LCD TV open frame market. 
  • Adopted asymmetric half-bridge topology to develop LCD TV 200W Open Frame for Dell.
  • Developed 300W/400W/500W PC Power and began entering retailer market by launching own-brand  power supply.
  • FSP was officially listed in Taiwan on October 16.
  • Developed the first LIPS and 36W/48W/50W/60W 12V LIPS products that were mainly applied to LCD Monitor.
  • Developed the first generation 90W Adapter which passed the strict tests conducted by German lab OBL.
  • Developed IPC for small Sever, industrial control system, AIO, Panel, POS and gained huge sales.
  • Built comprehensive equipment for product qualified at the plants in China.
  • In July, officially operated ERP system to enable real-time connection with plants in China.
  • Certified with ISO9001 Quality and ISO14001 Environmental Management system.
  • Established a comprehensive qualified system that product can be tested in labs at the headquarter in Taiwan.
  • Developed Adapter product with low watts.
  • Established FSP headquarter in Taoyuan, Taiwan.
  • Applied for public offering in July.
  • Developed Open Frame product with the first generation of 60W for IPC Hub use (network communication field).
  • Began R&D of Inverter product.
  • Established FSP Safety Specification Lab certified by UL, TUV, Nemko, VDE, and ITS with the approval for internal accreditation of safety specification to shorten the product launch time.
  • Established customer service centers in Europe.
  • In response to low-priced PC, introduced power supply of Micro ATX specification ahead of before other competitors.
  • Developed IPC Power:FSP250-601U for small Server of industrial control.
  • Established customer service centers in Taiwan and the US.
  • Became Intel's "Preferred Quality Supplier" to develop and support power products with the most advanced specification demanded by the PC industry.
  • Developed the world’s first Intel ATX Form Factor power supply, ATX 235W PC Power.
  • In April, the establishment of FSP was approved; at the beginning stage, FSP focused on OEM and sales of power supply.
  • Established FSP Shenzhen Huili Electronics Plant in China
  • Launched the first model of PC Power:AT200W.
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