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It is FSP's desire to grow together with elites like you! Join us, and work with other elites in the energy industry. Through a series of learning and development programs, you can continuously develop your unlimited potential.

Recruitng Information

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The Hiring Process

Training & Development 

  • Precise and solid Training Concept

    Course Title


  • Seed

    Orientation / Mentor

    1.Orientation  2.Mentor: Senior employees will be the mentors of the newcomers. Newcomers will feel warm and friendship from their departments in the orientation stage.

  • Sprout

    Team Building Activities

    Through the course guidance given by the well-known lecturers, correct values and cohesion of the newly employed towards FSP will be developed.

  • Small Tree

    Senior Motivation Camp

    Through the course guidance given by the well-known lecturers, team spirit and cooperation will be built. 

  • Big Tree


    High-ranked executives in both domestic and foreign bases meet together twice a year for EMBA training courses instructed by industrial experts or well-known gurus.


Diversified learning environment and comprehensive educational training system are provided by FSP to enable continuous improvement of professional abilities and diversified learning and growth:
1.Professional training: irregular internal training or external training at professional institutions
2.Self-inspiration: computer and language courses as well as irregular lectures (health, art and culture)
3.Credit system: In order to encourage self and diversified learning and to enhance FSP competitiveness, every employee is required to take several credits each year.


  • Year-end bonus
  • Employee stock bonus
  • Transportation allowance
  • Patent award and encouragement system

Employee Welfare

  • Subsidies to major accidents 
  • Maternal subsidies
  • Wedding and funeral subsidies
  • Hospitalization subsidies
  • Birthday allowance
  • Legal insurance coverage, retirement pension as well as group insurance for employee families
  • Bonus for the three major festivals and birthday
  • Humanized management five work days per week
  • Flexible work schedule
  • Health check-ups for employees
  • Free meals
  • Recognition of senior workers
  • Discount offers from contracted well-known stores and businesses
  • In- plant massage services offered by the visually-impaired

Humanity Workplace

  • Beautiful Life Health Center” of professional physician services to safeguard the health of employees
  • Cafeteria inside the plant for convenient and quality dining services
  • Indoor motorcycle parking lot
  • Designated gym for employees
  • Gallery space for periodically exchanged art display

Cafe for Employees

Cafeteria for Employees



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